Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zinc deficiency causes gynecomastia! Zinc deficiency causes

Zinc deficiency causes gynecomastia
I promised you an article, which will explain the main causes of zinc deficiency in the body. I have slightly lost track of the time frames, but finally found time to write the article. So, in summary, we can say that the main two causes are either poor absorption of zinc from food, or insufficient amount of zinc in the diet. They in turn can be caused by:

1. Not eating enough meat. Zinc in meat, is in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. But if you are vegetarian, or eat many grains,  in your diet has many phytates (phytic acid), which bind to, and interfere, with zinc absorption!

2. Drinking alcohol. Ethanol interferes with the absorption of zinc, and increases it's discharge from the body, through urine.

3. You lack of gastric acid (HCL). This is one of the most likely causes, which at the same time diminishes in importance. But I think it should be given greater attention. The connection is this - if you do not have enough stomach acid, you can not absorb minerals (here comes ZINC !!!), proteins, a other important nutrients from food. If you do not have enough zinc, you will not have enough stomach acid. It's a vicious cycle that deepens your zinc deficiency (and not just it)! And just to add, that alcohol can damage the cells that produce the gastric acid. Here are some of the symptoms of shortness of this acid: belching, or gas in the first hour after eating, bloated stomach after eating, bad breath, you do not see the meat as delicious, nausea after dietary supplements, and vitamins are not digested, undigested food in your stools. Stool smelling bad, stomach pain, female structure (for men), acne, depression, lack of energy and power, sleepiness after meals, white spots on nails, constipation .

4. Eating to many foods rich in calcium. Calcium prevents absorption of zinc.

5. Too much copper (Cu) in your diet. It also prevents the absorption of zinc.

6. Eating soya (soya sausage, soya milk, soya cheese , tofu....). You see the contents of "soya", "soya protein", "soya isolate" run far away from these foods. Soya interferes with the absorption of zinc, plus it contains substances that interfere with the thyroid function, and hence slow down your metabolism, and make you fat. Soya beans contain substances, that act in your body, as female sex hormones. Remember: Soy is one of the most harmful foods for a man!! Avoid it at all costs!

7. Ejaculating and masturbating too often. Now, one of the main minerals you lose during ejaculation is zinc. You can lose up to 15mg of zinc in one ejaculation.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zinc and gynecomastia. Zinc deficiency causes gynecomastia

I'll start with a few quotes from one of the most reputable fitness trainers in the U.S. - Charles Poliquin. Here's what he says about gynecomastia, or in other words, the syndrome of female breasts in men.

"In most cases, if not in all, gynecomastia is a sign of zinc deficiency in your body"
"Zinc is one of the best aromatase inhibitors (substances that prevent the transformation of male hormones to female)"
"Low levels of zinc in your body, means increased aromatization of testosterone to estrogen, and that means male breasts (gynecomastia)"
"Almost every modern man has a zinc deficiency, especially people who lift weights"
"Over the past ten years, I have not seen any of my clients, who was not deficient in zinc"

Zinc Information


It is an indispensable key mineral. Contained in every cell of the human body, it is responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions, and plays an important role in all metabolic processes. Zinc has a strong antioxidant activity, important for wound healing, improving the structure of hair and nail growth, collagen synthesis, brain activity, carbohydrate metabolism. Improves the immune system. Zinc is an essential mineral for maintaining sexual function in men, helping to increase sperm production. Even mild zinc deficiency can lead to muscle atrophy or depression, and a low testosterone level.

Zinc is truly one of the most important elements in the human body. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles almost certainly guarantee us a zinc deficiency (this will be discussed a little later). You are probably already wondering if you're  one of those people, who have a zinc deficiency. To answer this question, you need to see whether you have symptoms of zinc deficiency.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency in the body:


* Acne
* Depression
* Slowed growth
* Much subcutaneous fat
* Loss of appetite
* Rashes and other skin problems
* You are constantly cold
* Slow (late) adolescence
* Weakened immune system (frequent illness)
* Difficult wound healing
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Brittle hair and nails
* Delayed puberty, in males
* Low sexual activity, in men
* Fluid retention, puffy appearance
* Gynecomastia (female breasts, in men)
* Redused taste sensitivity

There are other symptoms, but they are rarer and therefore, I will not list them here. And you probably already have an idea, whether you have a zinc deficiency. In the next article, I have prepared, I will tell you the reasons for zinc deficiency , which foods and processes prevent the absorption of zinc, and which helped it. And then, remember to drink your zinc, as I do, because it will help you to decrease your gynecomastia. Finally, more good news - zinc as a dietary supplement is very cheap.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Estradiol the anti-male hormone


Estradiol is estrogen, or in other words a female sex hormone. In blood tests, it is designated as E2. It is present in the bodies of both men and women. Many people, even some doctors, call it just estrogen, because the effects of estrogen are in most part due to this very powerful hormone.

The anti-male hormone

Estradiol, is an anti-male hormone! It helps you to easily get fat, prevents your body from building muscle. The result is an chubby and muscle-less man, who in most cases, has developed gynecomastia (men boobs). Now I will try to enlighten you on how Estradiol works.

First, Estradiol is a potent antagonist of the testosterone receptor. This means, that it binds to the androgen receptor, and makes it useless. When testosterone is linked to the androgen receptor, it activates it. So it does its role, namely- to make you more manly and muscular. However, if estradiol is associated with the receptor first, testosterone has nowhere to be connected. Hence- it can not activate the receptor. This means that if you have high levels of estradiol, no matter how much testosterone you have, it will not be connected, and can not do its job.

The case may become even worse! High levels of estradiol, may reduce the number of androgen receptors. This means, that in the process of natural regeneration (replacement of dead cells with live ones), your body produces cells with less androgenic receptors. In other words, Estradiol not only blocks androgen receptors, but causes your body to reduce their total number in the future. For all who are involved with fitness, and want to look more masculine, it means that we must reduce estradiol and increase testosterone, to adjust the number of androgen receptors, and therefore help your body to start responding better to training. However, this process takes time!

The second thing you should worry about, when it comes to estradiol, is that your body has estrogen receptors. When estradiol contacts a receptor, it activates it. This is good if you want to grow male breasts (gynecomastia), and get fatter, but very bad if you want to look and feel like a real man! Remember, in the chest, mammary glands (males also have), stomach and prostate are concentrated the highest number of estrogen receptors. Their activation by estradiol helps the growth of these tissues.

From where does Estradiol come?

Main method of production of estradiol in men is by aromatization of testosterone. This means, that the aromatase enzyme binds to testosterone, and it is chemically converted to estradiol. Consider for a moment! You know that this is a double-edged sword, aromatization process simultaneously reduces testosterone and increases estrogen! Obviously this is not good for men!

This is where Aromatase inhibitors (aromatase inhibitors - AI) come in. They bind to the aromatase enzyme, and deactivate it. This prevents it from turning your testosterone, to estradiol. So, you get a good ballance of testosterone / estradiol (androgens / estrogen), and a lot of free receptors for male hormones in you! In the next article, I'll write just about food and drugs, that affect the enzyme aromatase.

Fat, female hormones, male boobs and chicks

Subcutaneous fat produces estrogen and aromatase! Estrogens, in turn, stimulate fat storage. It is a vicious cycle, which is detrimental to men. This is a major cause of hormonal imbalance and gynecomastia (enlarged mammary glands in men). From here, you derive a logical conclusion, that the best thing you can do for yourself as a guy, is to get rid of body fat. This will help you to feel and look far more manly! Now, a bit about relationships with women ... When you see a man with a big belly and breasts, a women's instinct tells them, that this man has many female hormones and is not an alpha male! Women shun such men, so if you're one of them, GET SERIOUS AND REMEMBER MY BLOGS ADDRESS!!!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What are areolas? Male with big areolas

areola, big areolas, puffy areolas, gland ducts, produce milk

Many questions have been received, asking what exactly are areolas. I mention this word quite often, and will continue to do so. I think I should explain.

Areola (Latin: areola mammae), is the pigmented area, around the nipple. The word comes from the Latin areola which means "open space".

The areola emerge around the area of the mammary ducts. The color of the pigment is different in different people, ranging from pale pink to dark brown, depending on the quantities of two compounds of melanin: eumelanin (brown pigment) and pheomelanin (red pigment). The color may change due to hormonal changes caused by menstruation, certain medications, and aging. Normally, during pregnancy the areola are darker. After birth, their original color can be restored partially or totally, but it's different for every woman.

The sizes and shapes of the areola also vary widely. Areolas of sexually mature women are usually larger, than those of prepubertal girls, and men. Areolas of most men are with a diameter of about 2,5 cm, while for women - 3 cm. In sexually mature females, areolas can reach diameter over 10 cm, and in women with relatively large breasts, and breastfeeding - even more.

Human areolas are mostly circular in shape, but many women and some men have areolas that are noticeably elliptical.
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