Sunday, September 8, 2013

The onset of gyno. Teenager with an early stage of gynecomastia.

Today I wrote a response to a boy, in a forum. The boy is 14 years old and has complained, that his chest is sore and feels like it has lumps under nipples. There is pain when touched. Classic early signs of gynecomastia!

Here's my answer. I think it would be useful for readers of the blog!
Met0s, when I was yonger, I had the same pain and lumps under my nipples. Back then, I did not know what it is. The pain resolved after a few months. However !!... my breasts had grown, and my nipples were puffy). Later, I realized that this is gynecomastia.

Go to the doctor! Let him review your chest and nipples/under nipples, but if he just says "They is puberty gynecomastia, It will disappear!". You should know that 30% of cases do not. You stay with gynecomastia.

Some things you can do:

1. If you drink alcohol, reduce it. Alcohol helps most of your male hormones to become female, and if you have many female hormones, your nipples will become itchy , then sore , and you will start growing small lumps under your nipples.

2. Freshly ground flaxseed stirred into a cup of yogurt. This should relieve the chest pain. Falxseed lignans are natural anti estrogen as powerful as Nolvadex/Tamoxifen, the drug that many bodybuilders use to treat or prevent gynecomastia.

3. Most teenagers have a zinc deficiency. When you do not have enough zinc in the body, male hormones become a lot easier to turn into female ones. I already told you what happens in such a case. Zinc is a natural aromatase enzyme inhibitor. Adequate consumption of Zinc Picolinate (50-100 mg/day) helps prevent testosterone to estrogen conversion. Most at risk of zinc deficiency are:

-athletes (you enter into this group)
-adolescent (and here you go)
-those who masturbate much, because sperm is very rich in zinc.
-eaters of cereals and breads, because they contain substances that interfere with absorption of zinc

4. If you have a lot of body fat, lose weight! Fat cells produce the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone to estrogen. High estrogen levels = GYNECOMASTIA!. In fact, most of the estrogen in males (and in post-menopausal women) comes from the conversion of testosterone in fat cells. Carrying more body fat for males means not only more estrogen, but also less testosterone!

Remember the signs of gynecomastia development - Itchy,sore,lumps,puffiness. 

During mammary tissue growth (the onset of gynecomastia), you may notice the following symptoms -

Puffy or swollen nipples
Overly sensitive nipples
Itchiness around the nipples

This is the critical point where it's time to do something before a lump developes!!!

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