Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zinc and gynecomastia. Zinc deficiency causes gynecomastia

I'll start with a few quotes from one of the most reputable fitness trainers in the U.S. - Charles Poliquin. Here's what he says about gynecomastia, or in other words, the syndrome of female breasts in men.

"In most cases, if not in all, gynecomastia is a sign of zinc deficiency in your body"
"Zinc is one of the best aromatase inhibitors (substances that prevent the transformation of male hormones to female)"
"Low levels of zinc in your body, means increased aromatization of testosterone to estrogen, and that means male breasts (gynecomastia)"
"Almost every modern man has a zinc deficiency, especially people who lift weights"
"Over the past ten years, I have not seen any of my clients, who was not deficient in zinc"

Zinc Information


It is an indispensable key mineral. Contained in every cell of the human body, it is responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions, and plays an important role in all metabolic processes. Zinc has a strong antioxidant activity, important for wound healing, improving the structure of hair and nail growth, collagen synthesis, brain activity, carbohydrate metabolism. Improves the immune system. Zinc is an essential mineral for maintaining sexual function in men, helping to increase sperm production. Even mild zinc deficiency can lead to muscle atrophy or depression, and a low testosterone level.

Zinc is truly one of the most important elements in the human body. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles almost certainly guarantee us a zinc deficiency (this will be discussed a little later). You are probably already wondering if you're  one of those people, who have a zinc deficiency. To answer this question, you need to see whether you have symptoms of zinc deficiency.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency in the body:


* Acne
* Depression
* Slowed growth
* Much subcutaneous fat
* Loss of appetite
* Rashes and other skin problems
* You are constantly cold
* Slow (late) adolescence
* Weakened immune system (frequent illness)
* Difficult wound healing
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Brittle hair and nails
* Delayed puberty, in males
* Low sexual activity, in men
* Fluid retention, puffy appearance
* Gynecomastia (female breasts, in men)
* Redused taste sensitivity

There are other symptoms, but they are rarer and therefore, I will not list them here. And you probably already have an idea, whether you have a zinc deficiency. In the next article, I have prepared, I will tell you the reasons for zinc deficiency , which foods and processes prevent the absorption of zinc, and which helped it. And then, remember to drink your zinc, as I do, because it will help you to decrease your gynecomastia. Finally, more good news - zinc as a dietary supplement is very cheap.

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