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Estradiol the anti-male hormone


Estradiol is estrogen, or in other words a female sex hormone. In blood tests, it is designated as E2. It is present in the bodies of both men and women. Many people, even some doctors, call it just estrogen, because the effects of estrogen are in most part due to this very powerful hormone.

The anti-male hormone

Estradiol, is an anti-male hormone! It helps you to easily get fat, prevents your body from building muscle. The result is an chubby and muscle-less man, who in most cases, has developed gynecomastia (men boobs). Now I will try to enlighten you on how Estradiol works.

First, Estradiol is a potent antagonist of the testosterone receptor. This means, that it binds to the androgen receptor, and makes it useless. When testosterone is linked to the androgen receptor, it activates it. So it does its role, namely- to make you more manly and muscular. However, if estradiol is associated with the receptor first, testosterone has nowhere to be connected. Hence- it can not activate the receptor. This means that if you have high levels of estradiol, no matter how much testosterone you have, it will not be connected, and can not do its job.

The case may become even worse! High levels of estradiol, may reduce the number of androgen receptors. This means, that in the process of natural regeneration (replacement of dead cells with live ones), your body produces cells with less androgenic receptors. In other words, Estradiol not only blocks androgen receptors, but causes your body to reduce their total number in the future. For all who are involved with fitness, and want to look more masculine, it means that we must reduce estradiol and increase testosterone, to adjust the number of androgen receptors, and therefore help your body to start responding better to training. However, this process takes time!

The second thing you should worry about, when it comes to estradiol, is that your body has estrogen receptors. When estradiol contacts a receptor, it activates it. This is good if you want to grow male breasts (gynecomastia), and get fatter, but very bad if you want to look and feel like a real man! Remember, in the chest, mammary glands (males also have), stomach and prostate are concentrated the highest number of estrogen receptors. Their activation by estradiol helps the growth of these tissues.

From where does Estradiol come?

Main method of production of estradiol in men is by aromatization of testosterone. This means, that the aromatase enzyme binds to testosterone, and it is chemically converted to estradiol. Consider for a moment! You know that this is a double-edged sword, aromatization process simultaneously reduces testosterone and increases estrogen! Obviously this is not good for men!

This is where Aromatase inhibitors (aromatase inhibitors - AI) come in. They bind to the aromatase enzyme, and deactivate it. This prevents it from turning your testosterone, to estradiol. So, you get a good ballance of testosterone / estradiol (androgens / estrogen), and a lot of free receptors for male hormones in you! In the next article, I'll write just about food and drugs, that affect the enzyme aromatase.

Fat, female hormones, male boobs and chicks

Subcutaneous fat produces estrogen and aromatase! Estrogens, in turn, stimulate fat storage. It is a vicious cycle, which is detrimental to men. This is a major cause of hormonal imbalance and gynecomastia (enlarged mammary glands in men). From here, you derive a logical conclusion, that the best thing you can do for yourself as a guy, is to get rid of body fat. This will help you to feel and look far more manly! Now, a bit about relationships with women ... When you see a man with a big belly and breasts, a women's instinct tells them, that this man has many female hormones and is not an alpha male! Women shun such men, so if you're one of them, GET SERIOUS AND REMEMBER MY BLOGS ADDRESS!!!!!

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