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Zinc deficiency causes gynecomastia! Zinc deficiency causes

Zinc deficiency causes gynecomastia
I promised you an article, which will explain the main causes of zinc deficiency in the body. I have slightly lost track of the time frames, but finally found time to write the article. So, in summary, we can say that the main two causes are either poor absorption of zinc from food, or insufficient amount of zinc in the diet. They in turn can be caused by:

1. Not eating enough meat. Zinc in meat, is in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. But if you are vegetarian, or eat many grains,  in your diet has many phytates (phytic acid), which bind to, and interfere, with zinc absorption!

2. Drinking alcohol. Ethanol interferes with the absorption of zinc, and increases it's discharge from the body, through urine.

3. You lack of gastric acid (HCL). This is one of the most likely causes, which at the same time diminishes in importance. But I think it should be given greater attention. The connection is this - if you do not have enough stomach acid, you can not absorb minerals (here comes ZINC !!!), proteins, a other important nutrients from food. If you do not have enough zinc, you will not have enough stomach acid. It's a vicious cycle that deepens your zinc deficiency (and not just it)! And just to add, that alcohol can damage the cells that produce the gastric acid. Here are some of the symptoms of shortness of this acid: belching, or gas in the first hour after eating, bloated stomach after eating, bad breath, you do not see the meat as delicious, nausea after dietary supplements, and vitamins are not digested, undigested food in your stools. Stool smelling bad, stomach pain, female structure (for men), acne, depression, lack of energy and power, sleepiness after meals, white spots on nails, constipation .

4. Eating to many foods rich in calcium. Calcium prevents absorption of zinc.

5. Too much copper (Cu) in your diet. It also prevents the absorption of zinc.

6. Eating soya (soya sausage, soya milk, soya cheese , tofu....). You see the contents of "soya", "soya protein", "soya isolate" run far away from these foods. Soya interferes with the absorption of zinc, plus it contains substances that interfere with the thyroid function, and hence slow down your metabolism, and make you fat. Soya beans contain substances, that act in your body, as female sex hormones. Remember: Soy is one of the most harmful foods for a man!! Avoid it at all costs!

7. Ejaculating and masturbating too often. Now, one of the main minerals you lose during ejaculation is zinc. You can lose up to 15mg of zinc in one ejaculation.

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  1. Can you start by using both zinc and HCl together?


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