Friday, June 21, 2013

Without gynecomastia, and far more manly

I am writing an article about gynecomastia, male, female hormones (estrogen and testosterone), and their quantitative ratio in the human body. This provokes me to write you number of preliminary lines. I decided that I must tell you the good news. It is nothing new, but it certainly acts as a good motivator. Here's the news:

All tips that I will give, will not only improve your gynecomastia, but will help you drop large amounts of subcutaneous fat, especially in the chest, abdomen, hips and triceps. You'll look much more masculine, because most of the visual effects, that estrogen causes, will disappear. At the same time, they will enhance effects of male hormones. You will be more muscular, more manly and more ripped. 
These things are interrelated! And if you have the desire and the will to fight your gynecomastia (man boobs, moobs), there will be many more bonuses that will come. They will be good side effects of removing the cause of your gynecomastia! 

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