Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man with female breasts or what is gynecomastia

The word Gynecomastia  comes from Greek, and means "female-like breasts". Although gynecomastia is rarely spoken of, it is quite common - between 40 and 60% of men have gynecomastia. The actual condition is a benign increase in the mammary gland (YES! Men also have mammary glands.).

In most cases this increase is accompanied by an increase in adipose tissue in the breast area, and particularly around the nipple and areola. The amount of increased mammary gland, may differentiate - from 1 to 10 cm, usually about 4 cm. Increased gland looks like small female breasts.
Photo: classic gynecomastia, enlarged mammary glands, and fat tissue is increased.

In cases where the gland is not increased, and only subcutaneous fat in the chest area is increased, we talk about pseudo-ginekomastiya. There should not be hard tissue, resembling something like a ball or a small lump under the nipple or around it.
Photo: Pseudogynecomastia.

In a state where there is no fat, but the mammary gland is hypertrophied, we  use the expression puffy nipples

Photo: puffy nipples

Gynecomastia may affect one, or both breasts.
Photo: Asymmetric gynecomastia

In some cases of gynecomastia, the chest becomes painful to the touch and can even give discharge.

I hope my first post was informative. I will be happy to answer questions, comments and suggestions. In the next article I will write about the causes of gynecomastia. It will be a more general article, without going into great detail, as to enlighten you on the general framework of things. Later, we will delve into more specific things. There is simply so much information about it, it's really hard to decide where to start, so I hope for your support through your comments.

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